Automated Breast Pump Cleaning System | ABC'S

Product Design

Automated Breast Pump Cleaning System | ABC'S

Product Design

Create an innovative and unique multifunctional cleaning system that improves safety, effectiveness, and ease of sanitizing breast pump parts so that parents can maximize the amount of high-quality milk provided to their fragile infants.

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The machine performs 3 cycles which are rinse, sterlize, and dry. First, water is sprayed throughout the rack, then the UV light embbeded in the top cover is used to sterlize the parts, and lastly a heating fan will be used to dry all the parts. Using a Quick Connect faucet adapter the machine can be hooked up to a standard sink. The bottom outershell contains a water pump, heating fan and vents, and a control board.

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Rack System

Breast shields with connectors and bottles can be rested on the tubes. While the smaller parts like valves, membranes, and lids can be placed in the basket.

During the wash cycle an internal pump pumps water at 45 psi through the central perforated pole and the tubes which the breast pump parts rest on. Insuring the pieces get sprayed both on the inside and outside.

For ease of use and organization purposes, each family can have their own rack system, which they can place into a central machine in the NICU and remove once finished. This also allows for easy transportation of all the parts to and from the user’s room.

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